Weekly Reminder
Sends users weekly notifications to remind them to check photo report and organize their photos.
Instant Organizing
Detects important items and suggests users to save the photo immediately after taking it.

Daily Swipes
Allows users to clean up a group of ai-driven smartly suggested images within the shortest time possible.
AI-Powered Search
Offers smart, understanding and instant search results based on AI and voice control on the television screen.
Easy-to-Use Collage Tool
Helps users select a group of images within the search results and create a quick collage for future use.
Layout and Ratio Swaps
Creates various versions of layouts and ratios for user to choose from.
Direction 1 Style Tile
Direction 2 Style Tile
Direction 1 Mobile Iterations​​​​​​​
Direction 2 Mobile Iterations
Vivid Illustrations
Final TV Iterations​​​​​​​
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