The theme of the this motion graphics project is a restaurant app authored for Google’s Material Design specification. We were asked to design interactions and transitions for the functions and screens outlined in the script. The concept behind the application is a simple and quick app that allows a user to order food or make a reservation at a specific restaurant. We were provided with a script and a flowchart as a rough guide to start with.
For this project, we got to design the interface on our own and come up with a final motion piece. However, since we only had 3 weeks to finish the project (while working on 4 other courses), the number of the pages and the functions provided were limited. The objectives of this assignment are to create a richly dynamic interactive experience that can be illustrated with an animated prototype. Design, usability, feedback and motion are key components that we were asked to focus on.​​​​​​​
Final deliverables:
※ It's a personal academic project not for commercial use.
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