This is an individual project created for a course called Digital Media Integration. The project is broken down into 3 phases: concept development, storyboarding, and supporting asset production and final production (shooting, compositing, and editing). The goal is to develop a unique concept for a new use of an emerging technology (FUI - Future User Interface) and then produce a short video demonstrating that futuristic concept.
On July 29th this year (2019), the earth has already reached Earth Overshoot Day, which means that human demand for ecological resources and services has surpassed what the Earth can regenerate in a year. Humans are using up the earth’s resources so quickly that one day in the future this planet will be completely exhausted of its natural resources and the inhabitants will have to actively seek and use resources elsewhere, and most likely, it is going to be on another planet. 
Fast forward to the year 3028, when the earth has far expired and there is a desperate call for help to seek energy and resources. In order to help future humans to explore other planets and possibly extract metals, minerals, water and other valuable resources that could be readily transported to the Earth or other locations, NEOSPERO, a detective wearable device has come into being. 
Spero, meaning "I Hope" in Italian, and is part of a Latin proverb: Dum Spiro Spero which means "While I breathe, I hope". It's pronounced “sparrow”, and sparrow is often a great symbol for inclusion and being the carrier for the common good.  It also symbolizes joy and protection, simplicity and community. 
Final Video Production
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