There are constantly new and fun Mickey ear headband designs, and fans try to collect as many as they can.
Ear style is huge in the parks, and so as are our famous WDW snacks. How about having an ultimate snack/accessory crossover?
So we created Snears, which is the accessory that launched a thousand ships (and by ships, we mean frantic visits to For this epic April Fool’s Day prank, we created a “product launch” video for this ultimate accessory: Mickey ears that can hold your snacks.

Make sure to view with sound on 🔊
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Agency: Disney's Yellow Shoes
Creative Director: Karan Dang
Group Digital Director: Alex Ruiz
Art Direction: Coco Wang
3D/Prototyping: Coco Wang
Copywriting: Victoria Pla
Sr Digital Art Director: Shane Enoch
Sr Digital Copywriter: Mary Toves
Editor: Christy Conyers
Producer: Jeremiah Daws
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